Agency Leaders

Jordan Sharp -President/CEO

The Visionary Leader Behind Gen 1 Agency.

Jordan is a seasoned professional in the insurance industry. He embodies the core values that define Gen 1 Agency. His leadership style fosters a culture of integrity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our mission.

Jordan is not just a leader of Gen 1 Agency but a devoted spouse and a loving parent. Standing by his side is his wife Kendra. She is his partner in every sense of the word. Together, they have built a foundation of love, for their 3 children.

As Jordan leads Gen 1 Agency with a commitment to family values, he understands the delicate balance between professional excellence and personal fulfillment. The Sharp family not only reflects the essence of Gen 1 Agency but also serves as a testament to the belief that true success is measured by the strength of our connections and the bonds we build at home.

AJ Chrest - President/COO

The Strategic Leader Behind Gen 1 Agency.

AJ is passionate about fostering growth and development. Having a background in training, she believes in the power of knowledge and continuous improvement. With over 15 years of business experience; 10 being in the insurance industry, her commitment to people sets her apart. 

Her marriage to her spouse; Jacob, is the strong foundation for success that extends beyond the home. AJ and Jacob are the proud parents of two boys. Her faith and family is the anchor, providing inspiration and grounding her in the values that matter most. 

AJ leads Gen 1 Agency with a strong commitment to the success of others.

"Securing Your Tomorrow Today"